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Spanish Airport Worker Strikes Announced

Monday 11th April 2011

Holiday chaos is expected for travellers from Easter onwards

Flights to and from all Spanish airports will be disrupted starting from April 20th this year. This is due to Spanish airport workers striking over plans by a state-controlled authority to privatise Aena. The planned walk out is by 12,500 ground staff employed by Aena, including baggage handlers, fire fighters, security guards, and potentially air traffic controllers. The strikes threaten to close nearly every airport in the country as well as the Canary Islands which is a particularly popular destination at Easter.

Twenty-two days of strikes are planned, starting on April 20 and continuing through May and June until the end of July. Last year the Spanish government declared a state of emergency to head off a strike by its air traffic controllers and pressure was mounting last night for similar action.

The Spanish airports strikes could also coincide with a planned walkout by British airport staff which is predicted to be further industrial action by British Airways cabin crew.

Spain was the most popular destination for UK holiday makers and traveller last year, and the Spanish airport strikes could also affect travel to Morocco and Portugal. Ryanair said it faced having to cancel 300 flights over Easter, hitting the holiday plans of 57,000 people