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Stringent Airport Security Checks to Remain in Place until at least 2013

Friday 10th December 2010

Newspapers at the weekend reported that Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, had said that security restrictions for air travellers would be eased from next April.

Reports about an easing of security rules in airports have been further clarified to apply only to those passengers who are making connections at UK and European Union airports. The high security checks and restrictions will remain in place for UK travellers until 2013 at the earliest.

Airline bosses had previously called for a relaxation of some security checks after discussions that some of the restrictions were now redundant. However since the recent discovery of an explosive device on a cargo plane at a UK airport, the issue has died down. Passengers travelling through the UK and European Union airports, making connections between flights, will have some restrictions removed, such as being allowed to carry liquid on board. This will be introduced from April 2011 onwards.

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