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Summer and Winter Resort Jobs

Thursday 23rd August 2012

Resort Jobs in AustraliaIf you are thinking that you would like to work in a resort for your gap year there are many different options available to you. Not only will you need to decide the gap year destination that you want to work in but whether you are looking for a summer or winter resort. The choice of resort work is vast and there are probably more options than you realise.

Summer Resort Jobs

A summer resort job is one where you experience working in a resort in the summer months in another country. Many people would just associate a resort job in Europe such as a Club Rep as the only summer resort job available but this is not the case. Summer resort jobs also include working in a summer camp in the USA and outdoor sport activity work in Canada.

Deciding what you enjoy doing will drive where you work. Just think about what you like doing… If you are social, love the sun and a party atmosphere look to become a Club Rep in Europe. If you want to work with young people and like camping then go to a summer camp in the USA. And if you love the great outdoors and sports such as fishing, windsurfing, hiking and golf, head for Canada and work on a large resort there.

Winter Resort Jobs

If you are looking for a winter resort job then you will be a skier or snowboarder. The main country which attracts gap work travellers looking for winter resort jobs is Canada. With the ski season running from November to May there are many months to work and enjoy the slopes. However, don’t overlook places like Australia where ski work is also available in areas such as New South Wales and Victoria during the winter months.