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Buy an Arrival Package from Australian Contact Point, the Australian specialists

Monday 19th July 2010

Travellers Contact Point are the Australian Working Holiday and Adventure Travel Experts. Book a Sydney Arrival Package and they will take care of the essentials including your airport transfer, hostel, mobile SIM, bank account and help you find work in Australia!

Sydney Arrival Packages, from Travellers Contact Point are the perfect way to start your Australian work & travel adventure! Choose a package that suits you best and Travellers Contact Point will take care of the essentials by pre-arranging your Airport Transfer, Hostel Accommodation, Australian Mobile Phone Number, Australian Bank Account, Travellers At Work membership, Taxfile Number and loads more. Book an Arrival Package now from AUD $499 and ensure your arrival in Australia will be hassle-free, leaving more time for what’s really important – travelling and having fun!

Gapwork Gap Year Jobs Tips: Finding Work in Australia

  • Word of mouth is vital - befriend Australians and other backpackers. In many large cities in Australia youth orientated bars will have backpacker nights, look out for them - good drinking occasions but perfect for networking.
  • Decide in advance what job you will look for and bring references and your CV. Have a back up plan in case your desired jobs are not available, decide how long you will wait for the right job and budget accordingly.
  • In some jobs you may get a trial before you start - this is your chance to impress, work hard and grab your opportunity!
  • Make sure you hand your CV to a manager and follow up the next few days to make sure it has been considered.
  • It is not usual to be out of work as a backpacker, if you are then you may have to bite the bullet and find work in a bar, factory or harvesting.

For more information on working in Australia, visit our Australia Gap Year Jobs section.