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Take The Leap for the Perfect Gap Year

Saturday 12th June 2010

The Leap have the connections and knowledge so you can safely enjoy a gap year or career break

Now we are in to May and approaching Summer, it is the time to take your gap year or holiday from school or university and you are probably wondering what you can do.  The best thing you can possibly do, in our humble opinion is go and experience the world whilst contributing to the places and people you meet.

If that is what you are planning to do, but you do not know how, a visit to The Leap website can sort it; with the benefit of their connections and knowledge you can safely enjoy a gap year or career break that might otherwise elude you.  The team at The Leap promise to go the extra mile to make sure your placement matches your expectations, is safe and ultimately a rewarding experience for all. The Leap placements offer a unique and fascinating mix of conservation, eco-tourism and community projects often located all over the country you are heading to, giving you a varied and exciting placement.

There are different Leaps to suit different needs and timescales throughout Africa, Asia and South America.  You can choose from a Team Leap or Sports Leap, both perfect for a gap year; a Summer Leap, perfect if you need something to do on a long summer holiday from University; or a Solo Leap, which is aimed at those planning a career break.

Whatever you want to do, maybe it is time to take the leap.