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Talk to Kaya at The Big Gap Year Show this September

Monday 25th July 2011

Looking for a new direction? Talk to Kaya at The Big Gap Year Show in London this September

Times are tough at the moment, and one group of people being hit hard are college leavers trying to get a place at university this September. Due to the trebling of tuition fees in 2012, there has been a massive surge of people applying. According to UCAS statistics, there has been just short of 600,000 applicants this year, which is the highest amount ever! The sad news is that around one third (180,000) of these university hopefuls will be disappointed come August 18th on results day. It’s not only students who have got it tough at the moment, people in employment as well are facing wage cuts, hour cuts or redundancy.

If you find yourself in this position and need a new direction or a career break to gain a new perspective, then why not consider travelling abroad and using your skills to volunteer? Volunteering abroad encompasses a whole variety of opportunities for people looking for a new challenge. The more common ideas of volunteering are centred on working in orphanages, teaching English or helping out with disaster relief. These are all worthwhile causes however, volunteering can also provide great work experience and help you to apply your skills to help others along the development pathway. Kaya has a wide range of projects in journalism; photography; marketing;  business skills; I.T;  environment conservation; health research and social work  to name a few.

Sound interesting? Then come and meet us in person to discuss your options. Kaya has teamed up with other leading travel and volunteering organisations to put on The Big Gap Year Show, Saturday September 10th 10am-3pm which intends to inspire you and provide ideas for what to do next. The event will be held in a great central location at The University of London’s Student Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

All are welcome, so spread the word about this fantastic free event. We look forward to seeing you there and chatting to you about the opportunities we have.

Find out more about Kaya’s volunteer programmes on Gapwork.com.