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Top 5 Reasons to Keep a Travel Blog of your Gap Year Trip

Monday 27th June 2011

Gap year bloggers create a wealth of useful information

When you start planning your gap year work and deciding where to go, one of the best ways to research is now on the internet as of course the information is as fresh as it can possibly be. Before the web existed potential travellers were confined to using brochures, travel agents and guidebooks, and now travel reviews websites, twitter feeds and blogs can be the richest source of research for your planning. The popularity of keeping a travel blogs has exploded in the past five years with even quality daily newspapers inviting current travellers to write their blogs on the newspapers own website.

A blog, or web log, for those few who haven’t yet heard of them (if you haven’t then where have you been? The North Pole?) is an online electronic diary that the traveller can log into from any computer connected to the internet and add text and images for their family and friends, or just interested browsers to see. The advantage of an online travel blog is that you don’t have to carry a hundred page physical diary around with you or risk losing, getting it wet, or having it stolen, (although you can’t use it to flatten a poisonous spider). Keeping a travel blog will also keep your parents happy knowing exactly where you are in the world at any time, and they can respond to your descriptions of your adventures on your blog too. There’s an estimated 300 million travel-related blogs on the internet these days, which not only offer a way for gap year travellers to record their adventures, but that also hold a massive wealth of useful information about places to stay, eateries, top sites to visit and things to avoid when you embark on your gap year too.

If you’re starting, created, or are currently writing a travel blog please send us the link! We’d love to feature some of the best blogs on Gapwork.com