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Top Five Gap Year & Backpacker Travel Blogs

Top Five Gap Year Jobs & Backpacker Travel Blogs

Wednesday 19th October 2011

Read all about gap year adventures direct from the travellers

Blogging online about your trips abroad is a hugely popular way to share your experiences, offer advice, find travel partners and simply create your very own travel diary.

One of the great innovations that the internet has brought us travel addicts is the ability to keep in touch with our friends and family at home. Not only can you access your email via a myriad of internet cafes, you can use your smart phone to check and send emails using WiFi points all over the world. Another fantastic invention that's stood the test of web innovation time is the travel blog. Backpackers and global gap year travellers can set up and create their own website in mere minutes using one of hundreds of different free online blogging websites. Once your blog site live you can use it just like an online public diary of your travels abroad, updating it with stories and tales of your adventures with photographic images, video and other digital media that takes your fancy. Not only can your loved ones at home stay up-to-date on where exactly you are in the world at any point in time, they can read about your experiences and know that you're safe and well too. Blogging is also a way of connecting with a like-minded community and it's easy to find other online blogs from travellers just like you. You can share experiences, ask advice, and find out where the best places to stay, eat or visit are from the folk who've already been there and done that, so here is Gapwork's choice of the top five backpacker and gap year travel blogs to read before you go, while you're away and when you return.

The Lost Girls

Describing themselves as "Three New Yorkers who ditched our media jobs to embark on a year long, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration," the lost girl's blog appears to have grown from a mere travel blog into an independent international travel website but the roots are still with backpackers blogs. Since its launch, Lost Girls World has grown to become the premiere travel and lifestyle website for young women.


The Smart Girls Travel Guide

Written by Mags Yip, the Smart Girl's Travel Guide is a bright, colourful, and funny travel-related blog filled with entertaining anecdotes and odd observations. It's also an extremely useful guide for female travellers who are looking for some of the more unusual or quirky places to visit and stay around the world. From blogs about the most unusual toilets in the world, a guide to visiting the Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia, to a scrumptious section detailing the very best of food in South East Asia, this blog is definitely one to subscribe to.


Top Backpacking Destinations

This regularly updated travel blog focuses on the classic backpacker destinations as well as providing well researched general travel tips. For example how to get the best exchange rates, budgeting on the road, five great reasons why you should take a gap year, and why 'voluntourism' is a good idea. There's also a fantastic gallery featuring backpacking photos of the week and a section about the travel blogging community too. Well worth checking out.


The Planet D – Canada's Adventure Couple

With their motto "Anyone can do it!" these two hardcore travelling and blogging Canadians turned their passion for travel into a lifestyle. Now having spent weeks at a time in each country they've visited, they have clocked up an amazing 55 nations and managed to immerse themselves into the culture, people and experiences in each country at the same time. A must-read for any potential gap year traveller.



Connie Hum has long had a dream to travel the globe and experience new cultures while positively impacting the world and the people around her. Describing herself, she says: "Travelling with only my wits, backpack, ukulele and TEFL I will engage in a variety of environmental and humanitarian projects and share my experiences".


If you're interested in creating your very own travel blog check out the Travel Bloggers Guide http://www.travelbloggersguide.com/ This website takes you through the basics of setting up your travel blog, how to design it, blogging basics, and a very handy Travel Blog Directory that you can submit your own blog to. Other blog sites you could choose to use are a hosted WordPress blog or Google's own Blogger.com.

Don't forget to let us know about your travel blog so we can feature it in future articles here on Gapwork.com!