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Top Worldwide Adventure Holiday Hotspots Revealed

Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Switzerland & Israel are top of the ranks for adventure tourism abroad

Relaxnews published on yesterday’s Independent online has reported this year’s results of the Adventure Travel Development Index. The study was conducted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the George Washington University and Vital Wave Consulting.

Switzerland has topped an annual ranking of adventure tourism destinations by the Adventure Travel Trade Association with Israel or the Slovak Republic coming a close second and third. This is the third year that the Adventure Travel Development Index (ADTI) ranked 195 countries, giving a score to each one to signify its potential for adventure tourism. The ADTI ranking is based on ten factors including: infrastructure, safety, sustainability policies, natural resources and adventure activity resources.

This year’s results showed a significant change to the top ranked countries for adventurous tourists. Of the top ten destinations, New Zealand earned third place, Canada fourth and Germany fifth, while the United Kingdom, Australia, Luxembourg, Denmark and Spain dropped out altogether. Among the developed countries, Switzerland, as one of the world’s top winter sports destinations, overtook Iceland to reclaim the top spot it held in 2008, with Iceland moving down from first to second place.

Of the developing countries, Israel won first place back from the Slovak Republic who were last year’s winners, with the Adventure Travel Trade Association noting that Israel’s appeal is broadening, with statistics reporting a drop in religious tourism and a rise in general interest tourism. The Slovak Republic, in second place, was praised for its prioritization of adventure tourism, which the ADTI said mostly revolved around mountain holidays and winter sports.

Surprisingly the US ranked a comparatively low 21st place because of poor health and humanitarian scores, while Cape Verde rocketed from 122 place in 2009 to 44th place this year.

Top developed countries:

1. Switzerland
2. Iceland
3. New Zealand
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. Sweden
7. Ireland
8. Norway
9. Finland
10. Austria

Top developing countries
1.    Israel
2. Slovak Republic
3. Chile
4. Estonia
5. Czech Republic
6. Bulgaria
7. Slovenia
8. Jordan
9. Romania
10. Latvia