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As a TravelWorks volunteer abroad you can help to improve living standards, or engage in conservation work

Thursday 26th November 2009

As a TravelWorks volunteer, you have the opportunity to volunteer abroad in various countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  TravelWorks have volunteer gap year placements available in social work, education, culture, or health and medical. They also offer several conservation volunteering opportunities for animal and nature-lovers, in countries like South Africa, Costa Rica, and Mozambique.

Live and volunteer abroad in vibrant foreign cultures, help to improve living standards, or engage in conservation work to protect wildlife and the environment in gorgeous-yet-threatened destinations around the globe. Learn as much as you can about the land, culture, and people in your chosen host country as you volunteer abroad and expand your horizons – you will be surprised how much you discover about yourself in the process!  Whether you are teaching English abroad in a school in Thailand, working as a national park ranger on the coast in Costa Rica, volunteering in a health education project in South Africa, or caring for children in an orphanage in Guatemala, your volunteer work abroad will be greatly valued, even if it is just a small contribution, and even if you do not have any professional training.

Visit the Travelworks Volunteer Abroad website and explore the wide range of worldwide volunteer programmes on offer. As you explore you will get a feel for the types of skills and character traits you will need in order to plunge into an exciting new culture as a TravelWorks volunteer abroad.