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TravelWorks will help you broaden your horizons with voluntary or paid work opportunities

Wednesday 9th March 2011

TravelWorks offers a myriad of volunteer and paid work opportunities worldwide. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? They will help you dive into new cultures, learn new languages, and expand your world view as you work, volunteer, travel, and provide meaningful help abroad.

Choose from a TravelWorks Work & Travel programme or Volunteer Abroad programme.

Paid work abroad opportunities include: working holidays in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; farm work in Norway; and hospitality work in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Language courses are also available in several paid work locations.

As a TravelWorker you can travel all over the world, away from the well-trodden tourist trails and get to know other countries and their inhabitants. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a European country or the other side of the world – anything is possible!

As a TravelWorks volunteer, you have the opportunity to volunteer abroad in various countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Gap year volunteer projects available include: social work; education/culture; and health and medical. TravelWorks also offer several conservation volunteering opportunities for animal and nature-lovers, in countries like South Africa, Costa Rica, and Mozambique.

Whether you decide to spend your volunteering project to help improve living standards, or engage in conservation work to protect wildlife and the environment in gorgeous-yet-threatened destinations around the globe, you’ll be surprised how much you discover about yourself in the process!

Everyone on the TravelWorks team has gained in-depth experience of other countries via travel and working stays. TravelWorks cooperates very conscientiously with local partner organisations, in order to offer you the most authentic volunteer abroad experience possible.