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Volunteer Community Childcare in Ecuador

Wednesday 20th May 2009

Spend your career break in Ecuador with MondoChallenge and support underprivileged children in Quito

Ecuador is a spectacular country of diverse landscapes and charming culture, making it an ideal destination for a career break abroad. Unfortunately it is also one of the poorest countries in South America, creating a real need for international aid and volunteer work.

MondoChallenge runs a range of volunteer projects in Ecuador, giving career break travellers the opportunity to contribute to disadvantaged communities across the country. In Quito, (Ecuador’s capital), one of the most pressing issues is child welfare. Through MondoChallenge volunteers can work on a childcare community project to provide wide-ranging support for local children.
This childcare centre is a fantastic project which provides medical and psychological support, residential care and education for around 200 children in Quito. The children on this childcare volunteer project are aged 1-7, with some coming from families where the parents are in jail. For these unfortunate children, full-time day care is the only alternative to spending time with their parents in jail.

Volunteer work on this community childcare programme can be varied, with volunteers teaching English, entertaining the children and perhaps even cooking their meals! The children are always excited to see a new face and as a volunteer in Ecuador you can help to give them hope and confidence for the future.

A career break in Quito also means you are perfectly placed to explore its charming colonial architecture and the imposing Pichincha Volcano, which towers over the city. For a truly unique volunteering experience in South America, sign up today!