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Website Update - Gap Year Jobs

Tuesday 28th August 2012

Gap Work JobsAs part of our on-going commitment to provide you will the most informative gap work website where you can find everything you need to know about taking a gap year we have updated our gap year jobs section of the website.

This part of the website has been expanded to provide you with more specific information about the gap work options that are available to you when you travel to specific countries. Therefore, each country provides a ‘work options’ page which links to further information on the type of jobs that are available in that country.

Therefore, if you are looking to take a gap year in Australia and are wondering what the gap year work options in Australia are we have listed them out for you. Not only that but we detail useful advice and information regarding that type of work such as what you need to take with you to secure this type of work and in some cases we list some employment agencies and employers to get you started.

So, learn more about the career options open to you when you travel on a gap year by visiting the work options section of a country in our gap year jobs section.

As well as information on the work available we have also provided some specific visa advice which is supplementary to our working holiday visas area within our plan your gap year section of the website. This information provides specific visa advice for each country such as the visa conditions that need to be met and in places like Canada the different visa programmes available.

There is also information on tax per country which gives you a tax guide to working in a specific country and what you need to do to get a tax number if necessary.

Finally, for the Australia Jobs and the USA Jobs sections we have detailed information about sponsoring agencies as these can be vital for securing you a job in these countries.