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Website Update: Gap Year Volunteering Section

Wednesday 26th September 2012

VolunteeringLast month we added some new volunteering pages to the website where we explore further the different volunteering opportunities available in different countries to provide you with greater knowledge of the work placements available to you.

In summary our new pages look at:

  • Volunteering in Africa
    • For those of you who are interested in volunteering in Africa then this page discusses the option of wildlife and conservation projects as well as rewarding volunteer community projects where you can work with local people to make a difference. The page also highlights some companies who can help you find volunteer work in Africa including Khaya and Personal Overseas Development.
  • Volunteering in Asia
    • Volunteering in Asia can include working in place including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. There are many volunteer opportunities in Asia with the most popular tending to be working in conservation, wildlife, communities or projects related to children. There is also a huge demand for English speaking teachers.
  • Volunteering in Australia
    • If you like the great outdoors and want to volunteer then Australia is for you. There are many work placements available especially for those with a keen interest in ecotourism and community development projects. In Australia there are many companies that can organise your whole volunteer trip for you so you can meet like-minded people.
  • Volunteering in Canada
    • Canada is another place that you should head for if you are looking to get involved in a volunteer project related to conservation. Canada is a stunning location and by taking a volunteer placement here you can spend your time enjoying and looking after this wonderful land. Canada also has many volunteer options for those interested in working with children as well as with charities.
  • Volunteering in Europe
    • Europe is an interesting place to undertake a volunteer project as it is more than likely that you will need to speak the countries language to get on well in a placement. If you do, the rewards can be huge as you are able to work on a variety of projects such as working with children in orphanages where you can make a real difference and touch someone’s life.
  • Volunteering in New Zealand
    • New Zealand offers volunteer placements helping out conservationists and this is ideal for gap year travellers wanting to learn about an environment and habitat. There is also the opportunity for volunteers to work on farms or private reserves which is a different and practical challenge for many.
  • Volunteering in the USA
    • USA will have the volunteer project that you are looking for whether it is getting involved in conservation, wildlife, working in communities or teaching. America really is the land of opportunity as far as having a choice of volunteering projects to choose from.