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Website Update: Plan Your Gap Year – Part One

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Where To Go, What To Do and What To Take

Gap Year Travels

You may have noticed by we have added a new section to our website called “Plan Your Gap Year”. This section has been developed to help backpackers prepare and organise for their gap year and the gap work which they will undertake while travelling. The section contains useful advice, tips and information about taking a year out and is a must-read for any backpacker and gap year traveller.

One of the most useful areas of this new section include the where to go, what to do and what to take pages. These areas are often the first questions on any backpacker’s mind when they are considering whether a gap year is for them or not.

The where to go page has therefore been created to help travellers decide whether backpacking is for them and if so where do they want to go. It examines five key questions that should be considered to ensure that a gap year is what someone really wants to do and give them an indication of the type of questions they need to ask themselves to focus their attention.

The what to do page focuses on gap work and how to choose it. The information highlights that taking a gap year is all about choices – however, it is about making the right choice based on individual interests, skills and personal preferences.

Finally, the what to take page looks at things that need to be packed for a gap year. This not only covers the essentials such as buying a rucksack but also specifics on what should be packed as well as some packing tips to make sure you can fit everything into your rucksack!

As well as this new section with essential advice, don’t forget that we also wrote about what to put on your gap year checklist in our latest news section which is another useful article to ensure that you plan and organise for your gap year.

We believe that if you follow our simple advice you will ensure that once you get to your gap year destination you will have everything you need and you can enjoy the adventure.