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Website Update: Plan Your Gap Year – Part Two

Thursday 16th August 2012

The Essentials: Communication, Insurance and Travel Safety

Gap Year Travel Essentials

In our last news item we spoke about the new section we have added to the Gapwork.com website called “Plan Your Gap Year” and the areas that were created to help backpackers prepare for such a break. Because this section is jammed-packed full of useful advice we felt that it was important to touch on three of the other pages created which focus on communications, gap year travel insurance and travel safety to ensure that backpackers read these before they travel.

Firstly, we all know that when we travel abroad we can get caught-up in the adventure and forget about our loved ones back home! So, it is important to remember when travelling that while you are experiencing new ways of life and culture, other people such as family members and friends will be wondering what you are up to. Backpackers need to remember that enjoying a gap year is all the more special when you share it with other people. So, when you are away don’t forget about communications and keep in touch!

Secondly, an area which you probably have heard of a great deal about when planning a gap year is gap year travel insurance. Travel insurance is something that many travellers dismiss and buy the cheapest one but having the right travel insurance for a gap year is vital. In our gap year travel insurance section we look at why it is crucial but more importantly we give you an insurance checklist to make sure you buy the right one and some advice on reading the small print.

Thirdly, we look at Travel Vaccinations and Travel Health Advice. This advice is useful to read before someone leaves to go backpacking as it highlights how to look after your belongings (and what items are good to purchase to safeguard your belongings) as well as travel advice for women travellers.