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Why Volunteering With Children?

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Volunteering with ChildrenVolunteering with children is not for everyone but for those who take on this type of project they often find it the most rewarding type of volunteer work that they could have chosen.

Dependent on the type of country you want to volunteer in will depend on the type of volunteer work that will be available. If you choice to volunteer in a country in Asia, Africa or in some parts of Europe then you will often be helping underprivileged children either in their own community, a school or orphanage. These types of projects often rely on volunteers to help them run and survive as well as providing much needed support and education to the children. Volunteers are the cornerstone of these projects and always have a positive effect on the lives that are touched by them.

Typical tasks that volunteers are asked to help with include:

  • Teach basic English
  • Help with homework
  • Help with daily household chores
  • Play games
  • Set-up activities for the children to undertake

These tasks may seem trivial to you but they do make a big difference to the children you are working with and by helping with these tasks you may not realise but you will be working and supporting the children, which in turn:

  • Boosts their confidence
  • Develops their social skills
  • Keeps them busy and occupied
  • Gives them different things and challenges to do

It is interesting from our experience to learn that many gap work travellers in the past who have chosen to work with children comment on how rewarding and enriching they found the work and how they would recommend it for other to try.

They liked the fact that they were part of a real organisation and that the work that they undertook made a real difference. They also felt that their self-confidence increased and their ability to work in different situations was challenged. Funnily enough at the end of their volunteer project most didn’t want to leave as they had made many good friends and had grown to enjoy working with the children.

Saying that, they do say that you need to remember that these volunteer projects should you extreme poverty and unprivileged children sometimes at difficult times in their lives, so you have to be able to cope with this and not let it affect you too much.