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Win in the TravelWorks Sweepstakes

Friday 11th June 2010

Sign up for the TravelWorks online newsletter for your chance to win some great travel prizes

Sign up for the TravelWorks online newsletter by the 30th November, and you will automatically be entered to win one of 30 travel prizes worth a total of £650!

Prizes include TravelWorks travel vouchers, worth £200 and £100, vouchers worth £50 for travel accessories at Blacks, exciting travel books, and travel calendars. Plus, by signing up to the new TravelWorks Online Newsletter you will receive useful gap year planning assistance.

The TravelWorks newsletter offers bi-monthly updates, including:

  • New paid work and volunteer opportunities
  • Special offers and deals
  • Exciting travel stories from past TravelWorkers
  • International travel tips and advice
  • Visit www.travelworks.co.uk to sign up for our Newsletter Sweepstakes!

TravelWorks offers a myriad of volunteer and paid work opportunities worldwide. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? They will help you dive into new cultures, learn new languages, and expand your world view as you work, travel, and provide meaningful help abroad.