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Winner of our Freaky Gap Year Photo Announced!

Friday 1st June 2012

Congratulations to PoD Volunteer, who have won a case of bubbly in time for the Jubilee weekend in our Freaky Gap Year Photo competition. Elmo is apparently a baby marmoset, which sounds cute, but is actually rather scary! We think it's the teeth and the fact that he is looking gleeful while gripping onto someones head that have won him all those votes. We ran the competition on our Gapwork Facebook page and PoD's pic won by clear margin of likes. 

Erin Sparks from PoD tells us a little more about Elmo and the placement he is a part of:

"Elmo is a common marmoset from our Monkey Rescue project in South Africa. He was donated to the project as he had previously been kept as a pet, but as he got older his owners realised that they were unable to care for him properly as marmosets are very sensitive animals with complex dietary and emotional needs. After not being fed properly by his previous owners, Elmo thrived in his new home at the centre and unfortunately as the centre were feeding him a much better diet he became quite greedy and started eating the food from the other marmoset that he shared his home with. This led to Elmo developing a weight problem so he and his now fed separately from the other marmoset and kept on a healthy diet with controlled portion sizes. He is a very sweet monkey and even though he is a bit on the chubby side, he’s still a firm favourite with volunteers! We at PoD are thrilled that our photo of Elmo won the Gapwork freaky gap year photocompetition! It was a great competition to be a part of and we loved seeing the photos from other organisations too. This photo is a favourite in our office and never fails to bring a smile to our faces, we’re really pleased that so many other people liked it too!"

All the pics submitted are brilliant - if you haven't seen them on FB then we'll publish some right here now!

To see the rest of the photos check out our Facebook album of Freaky Gap Year Photos.

PoD Volunteer winning photo of baby marmoset Kenyan man with phone in ear from The Leap

 traveller lady dances for camels