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Make a real difference to a local community

Wednesday 1st June 2011

The 2011 Medical Team from The Humanity Exchange is buzzing! Coming up in August this year, a team of physicians, nurses, health educators, students, and general volunteers will provide healthcare to three impoverished communities and are looking for motivated volunteers who are passionate about healthcare to apply.

Allison Fedorkiw, the Executive Director of The Humanity Exchange said: “Thanks to the incredible support of Adamus Resources, and their provision of logistical support, the Humanity Exchange is able offer an outstanding program to volunteers at an affordable cost.”

Volunteers are based in the beautiful Axim Beach Hotel. Situated on Ghana’s coast, it boasts traditional style housing with modern amenities. In addition to volunteering, the team will visit the slave castle in Elmina for an up close look at the haunting history of the slave trade. They’ll also travel by dugout canoe to visit Nzulezu, a traditional stilt village, and walk the canopy bridges of Kakum National Park. On this once in a lifetime volunteer program, volunteers will receive a very warm welcome into Ghanaian culture and enjoy the beautiful coastal environment. The volunteer team will benefit from local connections, gaining a unique view into the realities of healthcare in impoverished rural African communities.

If you would like to find out more about this fantastic opportunity to improve your healthcare experience, at the same time as enjoying an amazing adventure working abroad, get in touch with The Humanity Exchange.

Ghana August 6th - 21st 2011