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Work Experience Abroad can Boost your Career Prospects

Monday 1st August 2011

New poll shows that women benefit from working abroad.

Eight out of 10 British women say working abroad has boosted their career prospects, according to survey figures from NatWest. More than half of the 400-plus women surveyed said that their overseas work experience had exceeded their expectations. The survey carried out by the International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index showed that women in particular benefit from gaining work experience abroad, and having spent time working overseas is considered to demonstrate a number of important skills to future employers, such as a readiness to accept new challenges.

The survey found that three quarters of women in professional level occupations overseas are working and living permanently in their new country. A quarter of those polled work in various countries, mostly for UK companies on temporary contracts. The USA, Canada and Australia are the top countries preferred by expats on temporary contracts, although in most cases the popularity of certain countries does not match the recruitment demands. The success rate for females working abroad is 15 to 20 per cent higher for females than for males, according to the report, which suggested women’s aptitude for communicating, team building and adaptability could be contributing factors.

However the poll also identified inequalities in working places and conditions for women abroad. Two thirds of women asked thought they didn’t have equal status with their male counterparts. The country where women felt there was the most gender parity was Canada, followed by New Zealand, the US, and Australia. The place that came out worst, out of the 12 locations featured in the survey, was the UAE.