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Work on a Cruise Ship for your Gap Year Abroad

Friday 24th December 2010

Sail the seven seas on your gap year

According to International Travel Daily News a new study by an independent cruise comparison website has revealed that 19% of 17-21 year olds want to ’work on a cruise line’ for a gap year, a quarter of which state it is because it would be an ’exciting experience.’ A further 31% of these would prefer to travel around ’South East Asia’ during their gap year. A recently launched cruise comparison website conducted a study to investigate the matter further. The research, conducted by CruiseCompare.co.uk, polled 1,294 people aged 17-21 to find out what percentage planned to take a gap year at some point and how they’d like to spend it. The study found that a fifth, 19%, of the respondents would like to take time out to ’work on a cruise liner.’

If you have wondered what’s available on cruise ships for a gap year working abroad then why not find a job on board one of the world’s most beautiful cruise ships? Figures show that more than a million and a half of us regularly take to the seas for our holidays and that number is predicted to double in the next ten years. This means the number of staff required to operate the onboard systems, and look after the guests are increasing in demand.

Roles on board cruise liners are divided into two areas. The staff who deal with passengers, the hotel and entertainment stewards, then there are marine and technical workers who operate the ship. The hotel jobs include housekeeping and kitchen work, serving in the shops running the spas and gym facilities. Not to mention beauty treatments and swimming pool life guards. Cruise ships also have many entertainers such as dancers, singers and ice skaters for the evenings, On board medical staff are always essential. Ship safety, navigation and overall maintenance is always carried out by experienced and qualified teams so are less likely to offer a gap year option for work.

You can find out more about the many different roles on cruise lines websites. Cruise giant Carnival, which includes P&O Cruises and Cunard, has a group careers website at http://www.oceanopportunities.com and there is a further site for casino staff at http://www.oceancasinojobs.com. Other companies include Disney Cruise Line http://www.dcljobs.com Seabourn http://www.seabourncareers.com and Silversea http://www.silversea.com/careers. If you want to start on the retail side of on board work, it may also be worth checking into Harding Brothers as they in fact operate many of the retail outlets on ships across various cruise lines http://www.cruiseshiprecruitment.co.uk