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Working at a Major Sporting Event in Summer 2012

Monday 16th April 2012

There is a massive summer of sports ahead, and you can get involved by working at a major event in the UK.

You may not need to look too far afield if you are looking for a job that will provide an exciting experience in a new location this summer, due to the massively important year of sports that the UK is readying itself for. Taking a year out, or working for the summer, doesn’t have to mean that you travel the world.

The summer Olympics is the biggest sporting event of the world, and unites the globe in one place for just over two weeks. With over three hundred events, and over ten thousand athletes expected, there are a whole host of opportunities for work in a number of positions, both paid and voluntary. On the official Olympics website, they state that approximately a hundred thousand people will be paid for work related to the Games, from many different backgrounds, and volunteer work is also available for during the actual Games. The paid work, however, can begin much earlier than the Olympics themselves, with everything needed to be perfectly organised from the PA systems being tested to the volunteers themselves being trained. You may want to volunteer, serving as a ball boy/girl at a football match or helping with the set up of a track event, or even find some paid work in the Olympic village where all the athletes will reside during the Games. The opportunities are extremely wide-ranging from job title to length of placement, so if you hurry and apply soon for jobs at the Olympics then you are sure to find something that will suit you and be an unforgettable experience.

The Olympics aren’t the only sporting event taking place this summer, though, and as always there are other opportunities for work. The biggest tennis event of the year, Wimbledon, is always a good opportunity for students looking for an unforgettable experience during the summer months. There are opportunities to be ball boys/girls, part of a catering team at SW19, or even as a data collector or part of the cleaning crew. Any job that you could partake during such an event would be fantastic experience and one you would be certain not to forget. You can find out more about working at Wimbledon from the official website.

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