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Working in Australia with the Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate

Monday 9th April 2012

Wherever you dream of going Down Under, if you want to get a job in a bar, hotel or restaurant as a bartender you are going to need the Responsible Service of Alcohol qualification. The qualification is compulsory in all licensed premises in Australia and a legal requirement due to the training it provides. The programme teaches people how to deal with drunk or difficult customers in a safe and secure way, and also teaches how you can identify whether a person is drunk or not, as well as other general safety tips on selling and handling alcohol. It is definitely worth getting, not only because it is a legal requirement in the country, but it also will enhance your CV before you even get a job on your working holiday.

Many different organisations offer an RSA course, and you can find some of them right here on Gapwork. There is even an opportunity with some organisations to complete the course online, and print your certificate, but you will have to make sure that all the Australian states that you are visiting accept an online certificate, otherwise you may have to find yourself doing the course again, leaving you out of pocket! Each state has its own legislation and rules regarding the RSA certificate, so it would be wise to check beforehand on what those differences are. You should budget between $40AUS and $120AUS just to be safe, but if you look in the right place you are certain to find the cheapest deal to suit you. It is useful to know that the RSA programmes offered by these organisations aren’t ‘pass or fail’ courses, but more of a procedure and induction that you have to complete before receiving your certificate - no need to worry about passing any tests!

Once you have your qualification, you are ready and raring to go! All you have to do is pick your destination, and it is common for people to not realise how big a country Australia is! This means if you’re planning on visiting some different areas, you will have to set aside a fair bit of time for travelling between destinations, for example the time it takes between Cairns and Melbourne via car is at least thirty hours, so you might even want to explore flight prices, depending on your budget. Don’t forget to check whether your RSA certificate can be used in each place you visit - take a look at our Responsible Service of Alcohol page today, and take a look at some of the organisations that can offer this compulsory certificate.

If working in a bar or restaurant doesn’t sound like your thing, or it sounds like too much hassle (which it shouldn’t, if you pick the right course!) then there are plenty of other job opportunities in Australia. You may adapt better to work in one of the larger cities, or find that the Australian countryside is calling your name. No matter what might fit you, you are sure to find something you can enjoy - if not there’s always the weather! Check out our Australian jobs page right here on Gapwork for some inspiration and a list of organisations that can help you.