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Bolivia Quick Introduction

Bolivia is known as the South American ‘Tibet’ because of its landlocked nature and mountainous terrain.

Benefits Of A Gap Year Job In 2013

If you are considering taking a gap year in 2013 you may be wondering the merits of becoming employed during this period. It is our opinion that finding a job on a gap year is one of the best exposures you can give yourself to life, culture and the ways of different countries.

Booking A Hostel – What You Need To Know

If you are backpacking alone on your gap year it can be a nervy experience but by booking a hostel you will be giving yourself the best possible opportunity to meet new people who will be in a similar situation to you.

Best Free Travel Apps When On Your Gap Year

With so many travel apps on the market it can be hard to know which ones are the best when you are away travelling. But fear not! Gapwork.com has assessed the travel app market for you and list our top 5 free gap year travel apps for when you are away.

Bali's Top Drinking Spots and Tipple

Bali’s home tipple encapsulates the spirit of Indonesia, and can be found in all the bars - whether its a swanky country club or laidback beach bar.

Best Aussie Placenames

Australia is full of amazing backpacker destinations. Everyone has heard of Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, but what about these oddly named little gems? Surely worth a trip during your Australian working holiday just to have your photo taken in front of the signpost!

BUNAC - Working in New Zealand

Julia joined BUNAC Work New Zealand and tells us about working and travelling in the adventure capital of the world.