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Check out some Aussie slang you may need on your trip

Aussie slang

Banana bender – person from Queensland (we have no idea!)
Bastard – a term of endearment apparently
Battler – someone who works hard on low pay
Bitzer – a mongrel dog (bits of this, bits of that)
Bloody oath – certainly!
Bludger – blagger
Bonzer – great!
Brizzie – short for Brisbane
Click – kilometre
Crook – poorly
Dill – prat
Dipstick – origin of "dippy"
Drongo – idiot
Durry – cigarette
Drum – info, as in grapevine
Feral – someone a bit alternative
Galah – fool. Named after the bird which flies south in winter (when its hot in Oz)
Going off – banging, as in "the party was banging"
Grog – booze
Hoon – hooligan
Kangaroo loose in top paddock – few sandwiches short of a full picnic
Liquid laugh – puke
The lucky country –
Australia, presumably for having so many Brits visiting
Moolah – cash
Ocker – pleb
Pommy – Brit
Pommy shower – using deodorant without bothering to shower
Rage – having it large
Rapt – pleased as punch
Sandgroper – someone from
Western Australia
Shark Biscuit – novice surfer
Shonky – dodgy
Slab – 24 cans of lager
Snag – sausage
Spunk – totty
Station – a big farm
Strides – trousers
Tall poppies – successful people
Thongs – flip flops
Top end – northernmost bit of Oz
Tucker – food
Ute – Utility vehicle
Wowser – boring person
Yakka – work

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