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Get Ranch Work In Oz with Oyster

With their 5 night farm training course in Queensland.

Fed up of being stuck indoors? Sick of the 9-5 office grind? Oyster's Outback Programme helps you to find farm work in Australia on your gap year by providing you with a brilliant short training course in all things farmhandy. You start the trip with 3 days chillaxing on Rainbow beach, getting to know the other travellers who have signed up for the course. Once you've got your bearings and found your feet, you will be whisked off to the farm where you will spend the next 5 days learning farm skills such as working with sheep and cattle, driving a tractor and quadbike, learning to muster cattle and fix fences. 

One thing to remember is that ranches and farms in Australia are often a long way away from anywhere, and so ranchwork probably isn't for party animals, shopaholics or anyone who is freaked out by silence and nature. This kind of work is ideal if you want to experience a different way of life on your year out, or if you want to get some work experience in agriculture, animal husbandry and land management. This could be particularly relevant if you are doing a degree in related courses or you have a degree and need some work experience.

Oyster do require you to have a full driving licence to take part in the Outback Programme, as you will be required to drive tractors and motorbikes. Riding and equestrian experience is also useful. You will also need to have a full working holiday visa, which Oyster can help advise you on. The great thing about this experience is that you can also opt to get help finding a paid job once you have finished your course. Oyster will help find you a job at another farm, in most cases accommodation is included and in some cases your food will be too, so farm work can be a good way of saving money - especially as you won't get much opportunity to blow it all in shops and bars!

"The best thing about working on a farm in Australia is that the weather is great, I spent a lot of time outdoors with horses, the wildlife you see is amazing, and you meet some great people" says Lisa Chadwick, who worked on a horse ranch near Sydney during her year out.

If you love being outdoors, getting stuck into some physical work and working with animals, then ranch work in Australia could be a great gap year experience for you.