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Gap year travellers can get help and support with finding temporary jobs

What do we mean by ’organised programmes’? There are many different ways of planning your gap year or working holiday. You could simply sort your visa out yourself, book your flights, organise your travel around Australian or New Zealand, and start job hunting as soon as you land in Sydney or Auckland. But if you are at all concerned about doing all this by yourself, you could find that an organised programme would save you time and money. 

Backpacker employment search help

When you arrive in your gap year destination you may feel overwhelmed by it all. New accommodation, new city, new people - and you need to find a backpacker job fast! But finding jobs for travellers needn’t be difficult. Instead of spending hours trying to find your way around all the employment agencies or bars and restaurants, handing out CVs and getting lost in a new city, you could use one of the organisations on this site to help you with your Australian job search. 

Jobs for travellers in the outback and the city

Whatever you are into, there will be an organised programme, placement or website that can help on gapwork.com. Help is at hand for working holiday makers who are searching for jobs, whether you want to work in the outback or in the city. You could book a place with an organised programme for a short period, save a bit of money, and in the meantime look for work off your own bat. Some placements include training for the Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate (which is a qualification to help you find bar work) and in farm work. So even if you have never driven a tractor or herded cattle before, you can learn how to do it. Fruitpicking work doesn’t have to be a last resort when you are getting help and support from a work Australia programme.

Australia and New Zealand city arrival packages

Finding backpacker jobs isn’t the only thing that the companies on gapwork.com can help gap year travellers with. Many of the top gap year companies offer support for before you arrive and when you get to your destination. These arrival packages often include help with flights bookings, accommodation, social events, visa support and help with red tape for your health cover and tax back.

Internships and work placements in Australia and New Zealand

Not everyone wants or needs to find typical backpacker jobs on their gap year. What about getting a high quality work experience placement or even an internship with an Australian company? This is definitely something that will mark your gap year as being different to most others. Organising structured placements or internships is made easy with support from a well established company.