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If you are a registered nurse you could find a temporary post in New Zealand.

To work as a nurse in New Zealand on a working holiday or career break you will need an NZ practising certificate, which you get once you have been registered as a qualified nurse. As an overseas qualified nurse, you will need to apply for admission to the New Zealand register of nurses. You can do this by contacting the overseas registration section of the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

If you want to work in Australia and New Zealand on a working holiday, Australia and New Zealand have reciprocal agreements for nursing registration through the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1998. This Act determines that anyone registered or enrolled in New Zealand is deemed to be qualified / enrolled in a participating Australian State or Territory and visa versa.

What you will need for Nursing in New Zealand:

CV and Nursing Documentation
All employers will ask you for a detailed CV and written references – keep you CV on email and get 2 references from your recent bosses on hospital letterhead to bring with you – failing that bring contact details (email or phone is best) for them.

Certified Copies of Documents
Take your original document with the copied so the certifying person can view and confirm the original copy. The person certifying the document must write the following: I certify this document is a true copy of the original and sign and date, adding in block capitals their name, their position and address. Your application may be rejected if you only have a signed statement.

Working Holiday Visa
You will need a WHV to work in New Zealand, and you will need to be under 30 to get one! Find out more in our New Zealand Visas section.