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Our top ten tips on a gap year or summer tour of Europe

If you are planning a gap year or summer hoilday soaking up some European culture and visiting cities you've never been to before, here's our top ten tips on having a European adventure to remember.

  1. Work out a clear route around the places you definitely want to visit, to avoid wasting time once you are here.
  2. If possible avoid cities like London, Rome, Paris etc and the Mediterranean coast in August, when everywhere is super busy.
  3. Buy a travel pass in London for the public transport as it is more expensive to get around than other European cities.
  4. Learn some basic words and phrases in the language of the places you are visiting.
  5. Do your research and book accommodation ahead to be sure of finding somewhere decent to stay, especially in the summer months.
  6. Train travel is a good way to get around from city to city if you aren’t in a rush.
  7. Budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair can be good value if you are prepared to be flexible with flight times and days.
  8. Get your head around which countries use the Euro as their currency, and which don’t.
  9. Be realistic about your budget. Food and drink in tourist hot spots can be massively overpriced. 
  10. If you are planning on driving, avoid city centres if at all possible as the traffic is heavy and chaotic, and remember that in the UK you drive on the other side of the road to the rest of Europe!

Have fun!