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Working in Australia for the Summer

By Tom Pickup

Finding Your Dream Job in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for gap year travelling.  One reason for its popularity with backpackers is that there is a well established temporary and seasonal jobs market. There are always opportunities in offices, retail and sales in towns and cities, and good seasonal work like fruit picking  is also available. You don’t have to stick to just what everyone else is doing. Good temp agencies can also come in handy, so you might want to check out a few before you jet off.

If you wish to just work in Australia over summer, you will have to consider that the Australian seasons are the opposite of ours – it is their winter. Although it won’t be nearly as cold as it is in our winter, you will need to consider which seasonal jobs are available at that time. It is true that fewer jobs are available in the Australian winter, because there isn’t the drive for Christmas spending in the retail sector or warm weather jobs on the coastlines. The tourism sector will always need workers though, so that could be a good place to start.

One popular job in winter is fruit picking. Although this isn’t a conventional job, or necessarily a career-related opportunity, being in the outdoors in a beautiful country with the natives is sure to give anyone a buzz. It would also show that you are willing to do anything, to pay your way and have a good time while on a working holiday. The enriching time spent outdoors is sure to make you feel more blessed and take less things for granted. If you spend a few weeks in one place you are sure to start feeling part of a community and will definitely meet people you’ll never forget.

The working holiday visa for Australia will entitle you to twelve months down under to work in any job sector. You will have to fit into certain criteria if you wish to apply for one of these, so make sure you check before applying. You will have to consider whether you will stay in one place for the duration of your working holiday, or travel around. Whatever you choose to do, while planning for your trip you should do your research into what kind of work is available there, and try get in touch with prospective employers if possible – it could put you way ahead of the competition for when you arrive.  Use Gapwork.com to help you do this,

If you are heading out to work in Australia for a year, you must keep an open mind. You shouldn’t expect to walk into an office or a shop and get a job first-time; it just doesn’t work like that. You will have to be willing and resilient in your job search, and don’t discard any opportunity! Even if it is something that you don’t want to do, a job is a job and you can do that while searching for a better one. You must be aware that a lot of gap year job seekers flock to the big cities to find work in an office because of the high salaries, but inevitably this leads on to stiffer competition for jobs in those places. Don’t be afraid to search a little further afield, even if it pays less.

The opportunities that arise on a gap year should all be jumped at. Whatever you do, you will be on the other side of the planet and in some beautiful places, so any work is certainly worth it to spend time in Australia. Working abroad is an adventure, whatever you do, so take a look at our Australia and New Zealand Jobs section here on Gapwork. We will get you taking your first steps on the road to your perfect gap year, no matter what happens.